The kite aerial project 

All this started somewhere back in 2004 as some kind of unexplainable brain wave. Inspired by the early experiments by Marconi and his staff this was put into practise after some beers and some scratches on a piece of paper.

You will find lots of info on the internet but I decided to follow my own strategy.  

 The kite aerial box

The coax input

 Radial wire with anti-static bleeder line

 The first isolator which will be found "downstairs. The tie-wrap will conduct the kite line. Hence the aerial is hanging parallel to the kite line. The aerial will have about 10 of these tie-wraps.


How cheap can you make it...

Picture taken from the top facing the bottom of the aerial. The lightpost at the center of the picture was used to hold the isolating wire which will be anchored to ground.

A bit hard to see...

but this is how it's going to be, more or less.

And this will be the lifter - a Rhombus Power Sled.

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